Download the ‘United’ EP now!

September 11, 2011

Rainwound’s 4th release, United, is now available for download. You can download the EP with this direct zip file link. I will be releasing it on BandCamp, Facebook, and other places after I wake but I’ve set this to release on a timer… I am extremely happy with this EP, and I believe it is very strong.

The idea for United came suddenly on August 17th, 2011. The intro track recreating the USA National Anthem was created that day, and the following three songs were produced from then until September 7th, almost non-stop. I felt that it was something I ‘had’ to do, and I worked very hard.

This album is dedicated to those who fell on September 11th, 2001 and the families that have struggled since that day. May God be with you all.


1. Star Spangled Banner
2. Brothers
3. United
4. Forever

Cover artwork by Westin McDonald with additional text by Brandon Strader.


Sea of Tranquility reviews ‘United’ EP!

September 10, 2011

The EP drops tomorrow, but Sea of Tranquility had an early preview of the EP and shared their thoughts on it:

“United is the latest EP from Rainwound, the band masterminded by SoT’s very own Brandon Strader, and it contains 4 songs clocking in just over 30 minutes in length. Rainwound deliver a metallic form of progressive rock, complete with crunchy riffs, spacey keyboards, melodic, often times haunting vocals, and tasty guitar solos. The EP kicks off with a quick guitar take on the “Star Spangled Banner”, before launching into the quite melodic “Brothers”, an enjoyable mix of metal guitars and soaring progressive rock. Strader then takes Rainwound into epic prog territory on the 20-minute title track. This one features sizzling guitar solos, 70′s styled keyboard flourishes, and Porcupine Tree influenced vocals. There’s a great instrumental section in the middle where things go from a jazzy lead guitar solo accompanied by acoustic guitar & keys to a wild funk ‘n’ prog workout with some nasty wah-wah rock guitars and stabbing synth lines. “Forever” closes United out in majestic fashion, a somber little prog number with soothing keys, floating vocals, and tasty, distorted guitar solos. The song builds and builds to a more bombastic & heavy conclusion, and features a great synth solo to finish things out amidst some crushing riffs.

Good stuff here from Rainwound, and easy to recommend if you like melodic progressive rock with some heavy riffs tossed in. (3.5/5)”

A big thanks to Peter at Sea of Tranquility for the review.  Be here tomorrow at 9am when the EP is set to release automatically. Thanks!


One day until ‘United’ release, Rainwound celebrates with site redesign

September 10, 2011


I’ve painstakingly moved all of the news updates from as early as 2006 to this new WordPress-enabled version of the site. I also read the news updates as I went along, which was always the intention of making so many updates. I hope some of you enjoy the insight that comes from checking out the past stories and events here. So now that the site is WordPress-enabled, it should be a lot easier to make an update here whenever I want. Granted, most of the time I won’t have anything to talk about…. but TOMORROW the new EP is dropping!

Make sure to be here to catch the release of United! Thank you all.  Add Rainwound on Facebook and please spread the word!