Three years…

November 24, 2008

It seems like it hasn’t been that long since I posted the last anniversary blog on November 13th, 2007… The demo was originally released in 2005, though an old log I recently discovered from a separate journal indicated that the actual recording of the demo probably started in June or earlier of 2005. But anyway, November seems like a good a time as any for an anniversary. Great month. Great name.

So I am very happy that the band has lasted this long. A little less happy that the second CD is still not done, and that the arrangements here have been making it very awkward and the ability to do re-records has been riddled with bad luck. A lot of hardware failures have already struck while I was trying to augment the drums and keyboards. This will likely keep me from going as far as I would love to. But this isn’t Blind Guardian. No offense to them… the layers are fantastic. Great band.

Apart from the key-related stuff, I’ve also been having trouble with cut-outs in recorded audio. That’s not a good deal. But I will have to inspect each wav file when I record them to make sure there’s nothing wrong with the recording. Still, this recording should be on par with the recent In Staid Grace recordings, which came out incredibly good. I would really think that ISG was recorded in a real professional studio. But those recordings happened before these recent hardware issues. I have no idea what is going on. No worries though, I’ll figure it out.

And I will try to release a song for Christmas this year. It has been a tradition so far to release a song each Christmas. It’s totally insane, Holy Light was recorded last year for Christmas and it is actually going to appear on the album. Since there’s no room on it for new songs, I’ll probably just release one of the album songs…. maybe November 23, the opener? ;)

If only I’d been a bit quicker, I could have released it yesterday, on the 23rd. Oh well.

God bless, and have a great Thanksgiving;

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