Current studio progress

January 9, 2009

Everything has currently been re-recorded included fantastic new bass from a Schecter 5-string acquired over Christmas. All that is left to complete are the vocals, and the daunting task of mixing and mastering.

However, things are looking up for the project. For one thing, The Ivory Chapel is going to sound better than it ever could have. The vocals are being performed with a much higher quality microphone and a pop filter. It’s still the same rural area, yet the noise creeps in on occasion and can be quite annoying, causing multiple takes.

I think TIC is going to take a similar path to my other band, In Staid Grace’s recent release. It will start foremost with the release on the internet to begin the exposure process and get the music heard. This will hopefully be coincided by a physical release that can be ordered online. Of course the donation button is still there too for those that choose to download!

I know most people probably aren’t following along anymore, as this CD has been in the making for a couple years now. I’m sorry for the wait, but it will be worth it.


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