Vocal sessions.

February 9, 2008

This really should have been included in the “studio diaries” section, but the recording sessions have been so sporadic (usually around 30 minutes to an hour on certain days) that it would be really difficult to manage such a thing. Also, we probably would be up to chapter 5 part 78 if I had kept going with that. The good news, however, is that the vocal recording sessions¬†really have begun! So far, some narration has been completed for “November 23″, clean vocals and screams have been recorded for “Her Silvery Vision” but not entirely completed as of yet. Also, all of the clean vocals for “Memories” were completed which makes it the first song to actually be finished.

Of course this college semester is in full swing, and the work takes a lot of focus and effort. It is difficult to find the chance to record the vocals for The Ivory Chapel. Progress continues, however! Slowly but surely. A friend of mine (Melinda Gramnaes) from the college painted a beautiful face for the artwork. I wish I could post that right now, but the cover really hasn’t been finished yet. Her work is great, though, and it will make me very happy to post that here one of these days. Shouldn’t be too long now, but we’ll see.


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