‘The Ivory Chapel’ details revealed!

January 6, 2008

Greetings! Well, as previously reported, I am now ready to release the track list for The Ivory Chapel! There are 9 songs and the total length is just a little bit more than the debut. Here are the titles!

‘The Ivory Chapel’

1. November 23
2. Her Silvery Vision
3. Memories
4. The Ivory Chapel
5. To Measure One’s Worth
6. A Knight’s Vengeance
7. The Return (Instrumental)
8. Assault on the Kingdom
9. Spiritual Hallucinations

The rough mixdowns add up to 74 and a half minutes, but after everything is cleaned up and finished, it may be a bit less or more. The only remaining step is to record the vocals, since the lyrics are completely written and all of the instruments are recorded!

Happy 23rd birthday, Amanda!

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