Studio Diaries and Updates

December 27, 2007

Greetings, my friends!

I would basically like to let you know that I’ve added the Studio Diaries page… the link has been here for about a week but I just got around to actually creating the page and adding the content… so if you visited it before and got a 404 Error, sorry about that! :)

I’ve been posting these studio diary updates as bulletins on MySpace. If you haven’t been able to follow along with these updates, they’re now available to you! In the last couple weeks or so, the heavy guitars, acoustic, and bass have all been recorded for The Ivory Chapel–the follow-up toShrouded Destiny. Most of these aspects were replaced, except for the demo acoustic guitars which were actually recorded at a nice quality. They sit nicely amongst the newly recorded acoustic guitars, and the minor differences between the way the riffs are played now and before work well to harmonize each other!

Just a very small update here, like I said. I hope you guys had a great Christmas, and a happy New Year!

I also hope you enjoyed Holy Light… it was a blast making that song! :)

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