The new song Holy Light is here!

December 16, 2007

Hey there!

I am incredibly happy to introduce the new song, Holy Light! This song was recorded using all of the new gear that is going to be used on the follow-up to Shrouded Destiny as well. What is that follow-up called? The title isThe Ivory Chapel! So there you go… Not only do you get the new song and video, but also the title of the upcoming album! Merry Christmas to you! Check out this making-of video, which actually came out pretty funny. If I would have included all of the times when I messed up or was trying to fix something, the movie would have been incredibly long.

(Ed. 2011 — This video is gone. It’s been gone for a loooong time. Sorry)

I really hope you all like it. This is my Christmas present to you! As for the second Rainwound album, The Ivory Chapel, I will probably start using my new knowledge I gained from this song to start recording for it over Christmas break. I’ve got a lot of projects scheduled for this break, but Rainwound is definitely taking the top priority spot! Keep an eye out for Rainwound in 2008, and I hope you will all love the new music!

Have a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year, God bless!

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