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October 24, 2007

Greetings, folks! I’ve got some fantastic news to report first–I’ve grabbed www.rainwound.com for the official Rainwound website. This is a good accomplishment, I suppose, and further proof of my commitment towards Rainwound. It’s like the song that never ends; except it’s a band.

I’ve taken some time to make updates to the site by making it xhtml compatible, and also fixed the messy meta-tag nonsense that I had in there before. It was truly a horrible mess. Hopefully it will be better now. Along with the .COM url is a new server for hosting the site! This new server has a lot of capabilities for bandwidth and storage capacity, so I will be able to upload many MP3s, videos, and other stuff that should be on here, I guess. Of course I’m not going to run and upload the whole CDs, because I’m really hoping that people will help me out and pick up a copy, but I will add a couple songs to the list–songs that currently are not rotating on MySpace. So basically, you do hear most of the CD from the two sources, so if you like what you hear, please pick it up. I’ve got all new paypal buttons as well, and buying is easy on theĀ Releases page!

News concerning the second album: The new equipment is beginning to arrive. I know this is going to sound insane, but I’ve already re-recorded the heavy guitars on the album about two times. This last time should hopefully blow those other 2 times out of the water. So far, the speaker cabinet has arrived today on the UPS truck. After that, there’ll be a head, some monster cables, a firewire interface, new strings, two Shure SM57s and a PG48, and some other goodies. I’m going to try to mic that cab and get a great sound for the second album! It’s going to be awesome, and loud in this small town!

Lastly, I’d like to announce that I’ve made an archives page for the last 10 entries, rather than delete them. I’ll make archive pages whenever there are 10 entries on a page. This should help lower the loading time for some people. It may also be funny in the future to go back and read about the times when I “finished this!” and then “redid this!” and then “did this again!” I haven’t written any more lyrics, mostly because I’ve hit a stump with the fourth song. It’s very epic and the instrumentals take such a charge that it is hard to wrap my head around how the lyrics should fit in there. It’s a very awesome, but complicated, song! I can’t wait for you guys to hear it, so I’ll keep you updated on happenings, and perhaps even release a tidbit sooner or later. The time just isn’t right yet.

Peace, and God bless!

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