Lyric news; lyrics and storyboard available for downloading!

October 5, 2007

There hasn’t really been a ton of stuff going on. There’s been a few good reviews coming in that have had good things to say about the debut, and so far, most reviews have seemed very well put together and positive. I could tell that the reviewers have actually listened to the album, which is very cool; I appreciate it (if you happen to be reading). I’ve also made a very minor change to the website. Now the navigation, which used to be an HTML page held in its own iFrame, has been merged into the main index.html – no big deal, really… but it should make certain aspects of the site much more smooth.

Apart from that, some fantastic progress has been made with the lyric writing for the second album. I’m still not prepared to release the information of the story and the lyrics to the entire populous, yet a select 30+ people who are my myspace friends have had the privelidge of reading the lyrics for thefirst three songs from the new album! And they also know the title of it, and the listed songs! I’m not the kind of person who adds just anyone; they’re all very dedicated friends and family. However, I assure you, the lyrics and storyboard will be added to the website… just not yet.

If you’re wondering, “When, oh when, will I see said storyboards and lyrics?” then I’ve got the answer for you. It’s gonna be a while, man. However, I haveĀ added the storyboards and lyrics for the debut, Shrouded Destiny. Now you can know what is being sung, and also the entire story that is taking place in the music. It’s a grand tale of love and adventure set in a unique world. The main difference between the debut and the upcoming album is that whereas the debut took place in a“fantasy world”, the new album will take place in medieval times in our own world, though elements of the fantastic and unbelievable are still featured, of course.

I’m still available for interviews, whether they be by phone or email, and the debut is available for review but will only be shipped to legitimate, reputable zines. PleaseĀ contact me by email if your zine is interested and include your information.

Peace, and God bless!

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