The Winds of Change…

June 25, 2007

Greetings! There are still plenty of albums ready for shipment, so grab a copy! As you may have noticed, the website has moved to a new server – it’s now on the same system as the Satanic Dirge website, and also the shop had to be moved onto the new server as well. Despite updating all this info and such being pretty lame, I now have the ability to upload higher quality MP3s for you to enjoy! Seek the MEDIA page and download the full demo, plus 2 tracks from the first album (The Task, Oppressing The Past) for free! Good deal there. If you like what you hear, however, please pick up a copy of the album, Shrouded Destiny!

I’m trying to get the materials I need to record the next album with better drums, guitar tones, and more…. the storyline still isn’t written, but that can be done further along into the process. It’s unknown how long it will take before I can actually begin… sorry. The excitement for the next album continues to grow more and more, it’s really going to be fantastic when it finally comes to be!

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