Release date for Shrouded Destiny set, ordering NOW possible!

May 25, 2007

Hello there, friends! The release date for Shrouded Destiny is set at May 28th, just a few days from now, but the ability to purchase the album is actually prepared today so you can get a head start! Just click on the Merchandise link on the nav bar to be taken to the new Shrouded Studios merchandise page where you can pick up some of my various works. More to be added in the future, of course. The album you can purchase, for $7 individually, has new front and back artwork in a slim case with light-scribe printed discs that look pretty nice. They’re also hand-numbered, but the highest numbers are already taken.

I guess sorry to announce, there are no more sales for the original demo. Those of you who ordered a copy, hang on to it as it may be worth something in the future! As for the second album, there’s still no titles on anything except for the first song – “November” – and only the beginning of the story is written for the first couple of songs. The recordings are being shipped to the other end of the US to beef up my instrumental recordings, and also to have a real drum performance recorded for the album! It’s going to be pretty great I hope. Thank you all for the support and make sure to pick up a copy of Shrouded Destiny!

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