Shrouded Destiny to be mixed / mastered, next album guitars completed!

January 7, 2007

Ahoy there! First of all, I’ve got to apologize for not having a song ready in time for Christmas. Unlike the demo that you’ve heard so much by now, the new material is taking a lot longer to record. Acoustic recordings for both Shrouded Destiny and the new album have been done through a microphone, which requires absolute silence, and a lot of re-takes to get the timing right on each track. Same thing goes for the heavy guitars, except silence isn’t required. Shrouded Destiny will be mixed and mastered soon enough! All of the little flaws have been worked out for the most part in the vocal performances, and the instrumentals and solos all sound fine. It’ll just take a while to get the mixing and mastering done well.

The acoustic and heavy guitars have been laid down for the next album which is still unnamed, as well as some solos and leads. It sounds much more progressive and a lot more technical, and I even got the chance to use the wah pedal and steel slide a couple times on the album! The bass guitar is next to be recorded, and it will probably be knocked out in the next couple days after which the especially difficult part begins: keyboards. And of course the concept is still in production, no lyrics yet. There’s still a lot of work left to be done, but it is sounding pretty incredible already!

Fortunately for me (unfortunately for you) I have finished orientation and officially became a college student: the first class is tomorrow. Hopefully the college experience will assist in becoming more disciplined, as there are a lot of things that will need to stick to a schedule. The new album, excersizing, homework and studying, journalistic work, and more… Keep an eye on the site for more news, yet keep a closer eye on the MySpace page, as any [new] songs released will most-likely appear there for streaming.

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