Vocals recorded! New album details, and more…

November 21, 2006

The vocals for the entire ‘Shrouded Destiny’ album have been completed! All of the vocals are now comfortably situated inside each song except for the instrumentals (Task Completed, Christmas). The latter songs that have not yet been reported, like Final Battle and The Glory, have produced astounding results! Truly better than anything I could have imagined, and that is said prior to mixing, adding effects, and mastering – so you almost know it’s going to be fantastic! It’s like a weight has been lifted now that the vocals are finally done, and the demo truly shows its real face.

It has not yet been reported, but all of the songs for the NEXT album have been written! It will be another massive epic with a lot more riffs and more active songwriting, less doomy – though there are still awesome doom parts in there. The concept is under production now, and after that, lyrics will surface. The concept so far is something along the lines of this: ‘A Knight is haunted by the events of the worst day of his life. He was an honored knight, yet would soon become the hunted instead of the hunter. After the Kingdom initiated a full-scale abduction of all females within their vicinity, the Knight was faced with the possible death of his own wife… He became overly stressed and lost conciousness…’ To be continued.

All that remains to be finished on the first album before releasing are some acoustic guitar re-recordings, and then mix and master of the songs. It is hoped that all of this will be completed in time for release before, or at least near, Christmas. Stay tuned for more info as it becomes clear….

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