Studio Vocal Update!

November 5, 2006

Hello there, friends! It’s been a while since studio activity has actually been reported… I just wanted to let you know things are still being organized, vocal lines are being figured out and layers are being figured out as well. So far, the first three and half of song 4 has vocals recorded; that is, “The Task”, “Companionship”, “Rainwound”, and the first clean part of “Oppressing The Past”. The vocals are really coming out amazing! A vocal range higher than expected has been discovered through many months of practice, and will be put to use on the album. The most impressive vocal lines are those on “Rainwound” that span nearly the entire vocal range from the highest note, down to the bottom, and it really takes a lot of effort to pull that off, and there is no auto-tuning for the vocals, so I’ve got to stay on key constantly! Auto-tuning is horrible for music, natural voice is much better… just turn on the radio… you’ll see how terrible auto-tuned vocals can be. So this means recording a part, and if necessary, recording it several more times until it is done with the best possible performance!

Another of the most impressive vocal parts is during the clean section of “Oppressing The Past” where there is a full 3-part vocal harmony all fit together perfectly, and it really sounds big! It was very surprising and unexpected to hear the vocals, and how much they have evolved after all this time into sounding like a real pro vocalist almost! The screams slay, as well. The heavy mid-section of “Rainwound” is proof of that, as the screams are nearly equally as strong as the guitar tones with no distortion on them or anything, just a strong voice! I was hoping to get a “Dio” sounding voice for the heavy section of “Oppressing The Past” but such a voice is very hard to come by… unless you’ve got Ronnie James Dio on hand… which is very unlikely. I am hoping to have all the vocals done, and the music mixed and mastered in time for Christmas so that some songs can be uploaded onto the MySpace page here for you fellows to enjoy. Soon after, I will have to decide how to distribute the album (and how to get the money for such things)… Thank you all for your support, and happy Guy Fawkes day!

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