Second album is written!

October 15, 2006

Taking some spare time now and then, the second album has been written. It took an extremely long time, and the process was laced with a lot of difficulty. The songs are a lot more technical and a lot more progressive, yet there are also the heavy sections and whole heavy songs so the tradition continues! The concept has not quite been thought up yet, though I am toying with a lot of ideas. There is no album title, or song titles yet because that will come after the concept – and lyrics – have been written. All I can really share at the moment is predicted length of the final version. It should be aroun 72 minutes with 9 songs. There are a lot more riffs, a ton more hooks and progressions, and the songwriting is a lot more vocal-friendly which will hopefully make it much easier to do than the previous album….

The vocals on Shrouded Destiny areĀ extremely difficult to perform. I’ve been singing along with CDs once in a while, and I seem to be strengthening my voice, yet when I get behind the microphone I turn all weakly and it seems like everything is more difficult. Perhaps the motivation of the new album will get me working harder on the previous one. A label hasn’t yet been found to release the albums, so they will most-likely be independently released with the assistance of PayPal. I really don’t know how far I will be going with the packaging for the upcoming albums yet but I am planning to do it myself. Take care everyone, and have a good Halloween!

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