The site is finally back.

August 14, 2016

I’m a colossal idiot. The “bright future” I mentioned in the post from… 3 years ago… ended up being my inexperience with the new host I moved to, and my lack of willingness to fix the MySQL database so that the site would run properly. So I eventually just forwarded the URL “temporarily” to the Facebook page. As you can see now, that “temporary” redirect has been deleted.

Rainwound is a personal project of mine I started in 2005. It has since had its 10 year anniversary with nothing to show for it, and in fact the website wasn’t even active at the time. All I can promise is that Rainwound is as much a part of my consciousness as any other project, I’ve never forgotten about it and have long felt guilty for letting it stagnate like this. I’m beyond making promises right now, and I’m focusing on an original album under my Brandon Strader title. I can assure you the project isn’t dead and probably never will be.

But it needs a new beginning, and that’ll happen one of these days. I’m ready to abandon and move away from the material of the past and focus on redefining what the band is.

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