A bright future for Rainwound!

April 6, 2013


Rainwound has signed on to create a flowing prog rock arrangement of “Memory of the Wind” from the game Final Fantasy III for a project that is being put together on OverClocked ReMix. It is likely that this song could be produced later this year, or in 2014, and no details concerning the release of that album are available at this time.

Secondly, “Shrouded Destiny Complete” is planned for release in November 2015 and it will feature a recreation of ‘Shrouded Destiny’ which was released originally in 2005, and a sequel to that album (tentatively known as ‘Shrouded Destiny part 2′) to create a very unique double-album experience. That will conclude the story started in the first album — which concluded quite harshly with the destruction of ‘everything’. Obviously not EVERYTHING if there’s a sequel. That’s all the spoilers I’ve got for you right now. :-)

Both of these are cancelled. First, because the band won’t be involved with OverClocked Remix. Second, nobody knows or cares about the original Shrouded Destiny, and the plan for the 10th anniversary didn’t come together. Let’s look to the future.

Thank you so much for your support, and for following Rainwound!

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