Vocal recordings have begun!

August 24, 2006

Hello! As you may have noticed, I’ve expanded the news section by including it on this main page. Hope you all enjoy this. So far, vocals have been recorded for the first two songs (“The Task” , “Companionship”) and although the material is very difficult and requires a highly developed vocal range, I’ve… well… been able to get the job done! Trust me, I wouldn’t allow it to be completely horrible. I will do my best and continue to try to expand my vocal range. I’ve been singing along with some of my favorite progressive rock bands, and that seems to be helping a lot. I’m exploring areas of my voice I didn’t even know I had! You will all hear an example of this in December when “The Task” is released as a Christmas gift to you guys! Yes, I’m doing the Christmas thing again this year. I’m going to make a Christmas instrumental on every CD, I’ve decided. The first CD, Shrouded Destiny, will have the Christmas bonus track from 2005. Each new song will have to have an original name, obviously.

The future of Rainwound at this time seems very bright, and I have a lot of hopes and expectations for the final product. Sorry it’s taken so many years to get done, but this isn’t exactly the Paris Hilton project that seems to get done over night, though people might, like, cry it’s that good! Also playing into the band’s fortune, a small vintage organ was recently acquired yet too late for the first album’s recordings! It might be used on the second album, which already has 3 songs written clocking in at 21 minutes! No songs named yet, and the new CD is not named either, and no album concept is currently being dreamed up, unfortunately. Enjoy the new design and thanks for the support!

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