Recordings done! What’s next?

February 25, 2008

The recordings for the new CD are done… apart from a few touch-ups here and there, as is the usual deal. Here’s what I am hoping will happen next, after the touch-ups! – Speak to local studios about mixing / mastering – Work on the artwork and consider packaging options – Update everything for these modern [...]


Studio Diary – Recording Update 2.0

February 13, 2008

Studio Diary – Recording Update 2.0 February 13th, 2007 – 1:42 PM Greetings, my friends. I’ve had a bit of bad luck lately, but ultimately I am very proud to announce that all of the clean vocals have been completed for the new Rainwound CD, The Ivory Chapel. The next step is to begin recording [...]


Vocal sessions.

February 9, 2008

This really should have been included in the “studio diaries” section, but the recording sessions have been so sporadic (usually around 30 minutes to an hour on certain days) that it would be really difficult to manage such a thing. Also, we probably would be up to chapter 5 part 78 if I had kept [...]